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domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008

Went last night- LA-20/12/2008

..."as we shopped MDM saw WEM walking down the street (Larchmont), Mr Blanc and Tears approached him inside the shop. Mr. Blanc told WEM he enjoyed Prison Break, WEM graciously thanked him. Kitty was standing outside . She was standing in front of him as he left and we can both say that he is not fat – he looks like he did in May at the Bravo Awards (i.e. PERFECT), and he isn't fat at all, his skin is perfect and his eyes are wonderful even in twilight and he is not going bald and he is a 100% absolute sweetheart. He walked away to get his pizza and DVD and then he drove off. He looks like a good driver too. Which in the Kitty's eyes make him the Perfect Man. He was wearing Gray sweater, jeans, down vest & shoes. No bucket hat or beanie. The video was in a Blockbuster bag & the pizza was covered, so I don't know what the vid was or what toppings were on the pizza. I do know, that he was cordial, gracious and jovial. I joked with him about recovering from his "brain tumor" and we laughed at his response. When I asked him about taking a pic, his response was "sure". He waited patiently whilst Mr. Blanc toyed with the camera & we talked about where I was from, when he heard NYC, his response was "cool" and he flashed those pearly whites. He put his arm firmly around my shoulder and I hugged his waist. His sweater was soft like cashmere as it brushed my face and the vest was cuddly, I could feel his waist underneath. He took the pic, shook Mr Blanc's hand wished him a happy holiday, turned to me shook my hand (his hand was warm and soft) and wished me a happy holiday too.
He may have been jet lagged, but he looked rested, his skin was clear and his eyes and smile... Unlike most celebs, who usually don't look as good when you meet them in person. WEM always looks better, I know its crazy, but he does."


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nums dijo...

gitty gitty goo!


bleuciel dijo...

I'm glad he looks slim and good in real life :) Now, who's been photoshopping those other pics?????

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