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martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

...new hat?


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Van dijo...

OMG a new bucket hat!!
I love him in a bucket hat, ihihihih.
Where were these pictures taken?

Aylla dijo...

OMG!!! Wasn't it bad enough to have the old bucket hat being paraded around? Now there are (at least) two, may be more *shrugs at the very thought*. Went, I do hope that Santa will get you me and a mirrow for X-mas. On the other hand, once you have me, you won't need the mirrow :) :) :)

nums dijo...

I think he's prepping for the new role as 'THE NEW" Gilligan.... it the only thing I can of :)))))) Love the HAT :P

NOW all we need to see is Went in his witey tidey's OOOOOOOOO the pure joy fa la la la la la la LA LA

thats all I want for Christmas :D and I know I shouldn't be asking for what I want, but asking what I could give...(and) but all I really want.. REALLY want is a good &$@# from you... Hey, is it really too much to ask for - 16 days and counting :D

(I should be ashamed, I know) ha ha

bleuciel dijo...

And you thought it couldn't get any worse... I swear to God, he's doing it on purpose! He must be! I see no other reason. Of course, it could be the logical reason that he might like it, but really, I just shudder at the thought, and prefer to think he's mocking us.

You ARE mocking us, aren't you Went? Please say 'yes'

And please, do NOT mention the color coordination - I liked him better as a walking rainbow. God! *laughing so hard it's not even funny anymore*

emmy dijo...

excuse me bleuciel, but he is actually matching his colours this time. Good job, Went, good job!

Anónimo dijo...

He looks great! Bucket hat haters can suck it. *ahem*

Liz dijo...

Nooooo!Another bucket hat! Please Went,be merciful with your faithful fans...

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