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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

Oh, Went!

We can't stop to stare at you...

♪ V2, If you happen to meet... ♪

... ♪ the most beautiful man in the world ♪ ... tell him we love him ♪ ... ♪ tell him we need him ♪ ...

¡Good luck V2 in your mission in Nüremberg!

domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

Great things...

will come for you, boy...believe me! You deserve the best...

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Talking hands...

Interview in Paris

source WMitalia

¡Emmy, Liz...

...nice to meet you!

...looking for something special to your site?

Well, what would you like?

¡What!¡A vid in the shower!

lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

Source: Excommunicated

domingo, 20 de abril de 2008

Interview in Sweden

Interviewer: Prison Break is ready for its 4. th season and Wentworth Miller has already charmed a whole world. But himself has trouble with getting used to the huge interest around him as a person.

Went: We've become a culture that is obsessed with celebrities, we seem to want to know everything. There are 3000 pictures of me out there, holding a cup of Starbucks coffee, coming out of a coffee shop. Apparently you know, it just doesn't get old, just you know, only gets more interesting, to see me and that cup of Starbucks coffee.

Interviewer: Despite his fame, is it important for him to keep his private life and family private.

Went: I try to keep a very distinct line between my public life and my private life. I feel as though my family, their privacy, their safety is my responsibility and I have a lot of respect for keeping them away from the business as much as possible.

Interviewer: But I bet your parents are really proud of you.

Went: They are, they are. My mom gets asked to come up with head shots and, you know, autograph this and that for the neighbors and for distant cousins, that kind of thing, and she enjoys that part of it; so they get the perks, and none of the responsibility.

Interviewer: The handsome actor lives constantly with speculations around him as a person, and he gets confrontated about the rumors about him being gay all the time. Its probably a reliefe for Went when I tell him about the latest rumour from Norway.

Interviewer: latest gossip, how do you stay fit?
Went: (laughs) That's funny. I like to exercise, I like to swim, I like to hike, running, and the show is very physical. There are a lot of stunts, a lot of car crashes, a lot of climbing and falling

Interviewer: To sit only cm away from one of the most beautiful men in the world makes anyone loose their consetration (touches his arm)
Went: Yeah, bulky sweaters.

Interviewer: I get that confused that I actually manage to ask the same question over again.

Interviewer: what kind of exercise do you do?
Went: swimming, hiking, running
Interviewer: yes, yes, but in private?
Went: In private? Swimming, hiking, running (laughs)

Thank you Emmy

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viernes, 18 de abril de 2008



  • 3/4 cup coffee (double strength and cold)
  • 1 cup low-fat milk
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 cups ice (crushed seems to work a little better)
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup

Recipe for a perfect Frap:

Add to the recipe above, Went so close to you sipping together from the same Frap...

Busy, busy, busy...

Wentworth went grocery shopping , then headed to the Grove in West Hollywood where he bought shirts at a J Crew store. Shortly after he went to the gym and work out for an hour. Then he went to see a movie at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. Wentworth also went to a framing store where he dropped some pictures to be framed and went to an Antique store. After all this running around he picked up coffee for two and drove home.

jueves, 17 de abril de 2008


source: Wentworth -underground

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