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Thank you Bleuciel

New pics from Israel

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Went –I now wouldn’t mind swinging in a hammock for the next 10, 20 years.”
Interviewer Prison Break moves to the City Of Angels and doesn't slow down for anything”.
Went We press the fast forward button, and when the action picks up at the start of Season 4, the month after they've wrapped up at the end of Season 3, .....We get into it....We hit the ground running”.

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Comic Con-Sneak Peek Clip

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No Wenworth!!!

Prison Break Comic Con Panel –San Diego Convention Center

Everyone’s upset, and Dominic seems a little hurt that they are upset!! After the sneak peek clip everyone came on stage. Sarah Wayne Callies thanks the audience for their fan mail and says she’s gotten a ton of origami swans. Meanwhile Dominic Purcell takes pictures of the audience!! Sarah says that Sara is coming back a very different person. She says that she sees it in friends of hers that are coming back from the war, and it’s an interesting time to relate to this… Matt Olmstead adds to this, saying that they couldn’t give Sarah a role during Season 3 because she’d just be tied to a chair. “There are no physical barriers, but there are barriers,” he says in regards to their characters. We are told that, this season Michael will be affected by stress in a way nobody can predict. Sarah talks about her “I think in the beginning of the series Sara was an advocate on behalf of men on death role. She was profoundly influenced by Gandhi. And I think now there’s a very small part of her that thinks that it’s all out the window. That it’s easier to be motivated by rage and hatred and revenge. And if it were not for Michael she would not bother looking beyond that.” She says Sara needs to look inside herself. And where are the characters going? To the ultimate extreme and they all know they can die. She says a small part of Sara wants to give into that, and throw herself into the bullets - rather than look at herself in the mirror at the end of the day and wonder who she is.Sucre will be back, along with Mahone and Bellick - which we already knew!!A fan asks what they do behind the scenes, do they have fun, and will we ever see bloopers?!? “We’ve been doing this for four years,” Dominic says. “And it comes to the place where you’ve got to crack jokes!” He says he’s serious about what he does, but he also realizes the absurdity about it. “We’ve all got a really good vibe,” he says. Dominic also gives a nod to the writers. “The writers on this show allow the actors to be spontaneous and give us permission to play with their words. That is unique and gives us a good deal of comfort.” Sarah agrees. “I think there’s also points when you’ve been working for 16 hours and sprinting and running, and you hit a certain point where it’s all funny. And then you just need to go home!”Dominic talks about Wentworth and says they work well together. A relationship for me and Went is all about friendship. Working with Went has been one of the easiest things of my professional career.One of the fans wishes Sarah’s daughter a happy birthday (on Monday). Sarah thanks her and then talks about being on network television every week. She says it’s great for her own mom to watch her! Although not the drowning or the head in the box scene. “I may get back to theater, sooner rather than later,” she says. Not sure what that means!!Another fan asks about a clip at the end of the Season 2 finale with what looked like an animal lab. Dominic and Sarah say they want to know too! Matt says that it was scripted to be Padman putting on a mask and walking into an animal testing facility - just to add in some intrigue. The writers argued about it and decided to cut out right before he walked in. It may come into Season 4, it may not…That’s it guys! Dominic bolted immediately. I tried to get an autograph from
Sarah but the staff shoved us away and she left. Dominic then got swarmed offstage as everyone exited. I do have to say, he seemed VERY grumpy!! I don’t know what was up, but this panel didn’t have the energy that the one before it did (24). Still, I was thrilled to be here!!
Hopefully I can an interview or set visit soon.
Maybe we can start rallying together to get one!

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