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'The Loft', the American remake of Erik Van Looy's Loft that had its own Flemish blockbuster run, seems to be another success story. During a test screening recently near Los Angeles for an American audience was held. The film got 92 percent of the audience to score "good to very good '.

"We showed the film in Woodland Hills, Van Looy says. Test screenings are more often held out to LA professionals and journalists at bay. The result exceeded all expectations. There were 318 people in the room and no one walked out. Walk-outs are however, usually common at test screenings. They are free, and even if the movie is not finished and when it is no longer exciting, people get up [and leave]."

However, everyone was fascinated watching 'The Loft'. 'The beginning of the film has more humor than the Flemish version, and they laughed at exactly the right moments. Even when it became clear who did it, there was a sort of sigh of bewilderment that room. When I was given a satisfaction score of 92 percent, it dispelled all my nervousness; because a negative screening test can completely kill a movie. Then you change the end for example, or a character or make add additional footage. In short, it is often the start of a hellish ride when you know that it is not alright. Fortunately I saved it. This test screening may just about be the best night of my film career so far. "

The showing was so positive that a second screening was canceled and this means that negotiations with distributors can start right away. "To be clear: The Loft will be in American cinemas as well as Belgian and will not go directly to the DVD market. Now we can negotiate, because we want to bring out all the stops for our film. We are looking at the most appropriate time for the release date and therefore is not fixed yet. "

The Loft will not be completely finished until January. "Now I am working on the opening credits," says Erik Van Looy, who secretly hopes that his film is a second time blockbuster in Flanders.


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