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Script of the Week: Stoker by Wentworth Miller

I’ve read Stoker twice this year.. the script’s weirdness stuck with me and I vowed to read it again.

From the first page Mr. Miller demonstrates that he can do much more than break out of prison (couldn’t help myself).  He opens on the image of a spider living inside a piano who is disturbed by the pounding of the keys.  The spider makes it’s way out of the piano to explore the source of the intrusion only to meet its squishy, gooey, and violent demise under the foot of Indira Stoker.  It is a very telling moment when she, “with no more than a glance”, fails to consider the violence of her action or the death she has just caused. Will she approach her life that way? Is that who she will be?  These are the question Mr. Miller poses of his character and he is relentless in pushing her to discover the answers.

It’s a phenomenal piece of writing, really… It’s enhanced by beautiful prose rare in a screenplay and a hell of a lot of personality which Mr. Miller successfully incorporates.  The result is a brooding meditation on growing up and I am sure that in the hands of a director like Chan-Wook Park it’s going to make for a very interesting watch.



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