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martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

UCLA’s Shorttakes festival screens student films

..."All of the films have been screened and, as in past years, evaluated by celebrity judges, including Matthew Grey Gubler, Wentworth Miller and Mary Elizabeth Winstead..."

..."Du, who also had a film screened at last year’s festival, said she decided to enter after learning that Wentworth Miller was one of the judges..."

..."I’m really hoping that Wentworth Miller watched my film,” Du said. “The festival staff asks the judges to write down comments, so I’m really hoping that I get (feedback).”

May 6,2013:
@Celebrationthtr: So pleased to have had Wentworth Miller join us for the reading of Black/Out Stories tonight! #latheatre
 from Wentology Charlotte/novarep

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