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"STOKER"....coming soon....

TODAY'S NEW NEWS: "STOKER" written by Wentworth Miller is being produced by FOX Searchlight!!!

2007 interview

You have an English literature degree from Princeton University. Do you have any aspirations to be a writer?

I do, actually, I do. I think no actor can not feel as though they would like a little bit more control within the creative process because no matter how good you are, you perform a scene the way you want to perform it and then someone else edits it, puts it together, slices it up and puts it together the way they see fit, so at the end of the day your performance is not really your own because so many people have kind of tinkered with it on it’s way to airing on TV. So the idea of writing the words that come out of my mouth or being the one in the editing room putting together my performance, definitely appeals to me.

Have you written anything or have any plans?

I have. I’ve written a treatment, which is an outline, for a movie. It’s kind of love story with a Hitchcock twist. A bit of a thriller, and when I go back to Los Angeles, on my weekends off from the show, I meet with writers and producers and try to get people excited about it, try to get a team of people together who are going to help me get this movie made. Of course there’s a great role for me! I’m at that stage of my career right now where it’s not just about auditioning for the projects that are out there. It’s about generating your own projects and that’s really something that excites me.

Does it have a title?

Yes. It’s called Stoker, which is a nod to Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula. It’s got a lot of elements of the Dracula mythology in its story.

Will you play the Dracula character?

It’s not a vampire story. It’s not about vampires at least with the teeth and the desire to suck your blood but it is a thriller and it is about an individual who preys on the innocent.

And it’s romantic?

It’s a love story. Because I think my interpretation of the Dracula story is that it’s a romance. I think it’s very sad. I think one way to look at it is it’s about a monster who’s kind of shuffling through the centuries looking for someone to love him—fangs and all—like everyone’s looking for someone to love them fangs and all, and when he finds his bride to be, when he chooses his Mrs Dracula, I think there’s a part of us as the audience that wants them to get together but inevitably the big blonde beefy hero steps in and puts a stake through his heart and denies him the love he wants and I think that’s kind of sad.


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