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viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2008



Happy Birthday WMA One year ago the ( at this time future ) founding members of WMA met at JJ. We only wanted to talk about Wentworth, but it was not possible . * roll eyes * To many maniacs! One of these days Liz mentioned, that she had more than 600 pics of Wentworth and I asked her: Hey where we can see them ? and she replied: That`s it! We’ll make a blog ... and WMA was born. ( She was very, very quick, with creating the blog, if I remember right she didn`t need two days ) Since that day we have a * cute little second living room * ( with more than 172.000 visitors from all over the world ) and enjoy it each day. The members are from Canada, U.K., Poland, France, Norway, Croatia, Germany and of course our Liz from Uruguay who make it possible that we have this grandiose blog and now still a second one. * PatchWorks * where the members can post their own stuff. That is wonderful. We love being members of these two fantastic blogs Thank you so much Liz (btw, few days ago she said she has now more than 5000 pics!)


Our first post:

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Zie dijo...

Hey Congrats on such a wonderful site. This is one of my favourite WM site :)

Happy 1st Birthday and here's to many more to come :)

Greetings from Singapore

samira dijo...

Thank you Zie !!
It's nice :D !!

nums dijo...

Happy Birthday WMA It sure has been a good year Thanks FM and non-FM for a fun 'second living room' ...and Aylla 'LOVE' the video. CHEERS!

Asma dijo...

keep going.. You are the Best..
Happy anniversary..
With all my love,, Asma

rabya dijo...

wonderful site
Happy anniversary..

Liz dijo...

Thank you Zie,nummy,Asma and Rabya,very kind of you.Thank you for your support.

bleuciel dijo...

That's a great soundtrack you chose there, Aylla! And great set of pics too :)

V2 dijo...

Happy birthday girls!

Nice video Aylla!

Sorry I wasn't really online to post in time.

While my addiction for Went is not as strong as it used to be (but I still love him dearly), I'm glad that I got to meet such lovely fans.
I hope there'll be many years more to come. :)

Liz dijo...

Thank you V2,thank you for your friendship, and for the excellent work you have done here.

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