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jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

"The Flash" Interviews-I

What can you tease/reveal about your villainous role, Captain Cold, on The Flash?
Very little. Sorry. All I can say is that it's a great introduction. Glen Winter directed my first episode and he's fantastic. I totally lucked out there. Glen had insights and camera moves that really helped me sell the character.
How is it going to be different from the Captain Cold we know from the comics?
I don't know if I can speak to that. Because I haven't read too many of them yet. I didn't grow up reading comics. Not because they didn't appeal. They did. But they were frowned upon in my house. Although I did get deep into "Elfquest" for a beat. On the sly. Anyway, I'd never read "The Flash," I'd never heard of "Captain Cold" before getting hired, and as far as playing him on the show, my sense is that the writers have a take on the character that's slightly different than what's come before. So I'm content to riff on whatever they cook up episode to episode.
I know we're going to meet you in this week's episode, but what can you tease about your return in episode 10? 
Nada. Not without getting in trouble. Although I will note that I think it's pretty cool they went to Dom for the role of Heat Wave. I've been trying to think of another situation where two actors closely associated with one show were recast on another show, playing two new characters, and I can't. It feels really unusual. Special.
What new problems will your villain present to Barry and the STAR Labs team that we haven't seen from any other villains yet?
To be determined. But I'd like to imagine that Snart's impact on Barry - and vice versa - could potentially be very personal. Barry's clearly got some father issues, and from what I'm told Snart does too. So they've got that in common. And maybe that will express itself in some way. Or I could be making all that up.
There are so many remakes coming to TV these days. Could you ever see Prison Break coming back? Or even doing a movie at some point?
It's funny - Dom and I were just talking about that. We were saying there could easily be another "hidden chapter," a stand-alone, like at the end of PB's final season with Sara in trouble. I've got people coming up to me everyday - people who were kids when the show first aired - and they're just starting to watch the first season on Netflix or DVD. To them it's like the show is still present tense. It's amazing how many times I get asked when it's coming back.
What was it like reuniting with Dominic as Captain Cold and Heatwave? Is the brotherly bromance still alive?
100%. Which works well in that you can really tell Captain Cold and Heat Wave have spent time in the trenches together. But these are very different characters from "Michael" and "Lincoln" and that's been cool to explore. Also, Dom makes me laugh. He can be very, very funny. I hope one day he gets to give people a taste of that onscreen. They'll be surprised.
Tell us about Leonard Snart, what kind of person he is and what his motivations are. How dangerous is he with that Cold Gun? 
Snart's a master criminal at the top of his game, and I think he's been there awhile. And he's a little bored. A little complacent. Then he meets The Flash, who upends everything. And I think Snart appreciates that. On some level. I think he knows The Flash is going to keep him on his toes. Hence the need for new tricks. Like the Cold Gun.
Talk about his dynamic with Barry and going up against him in an epic showdown. 
Snart's formidable, of course, but long-term I suspect The Flash may have the upper hand. For one thing, the show's called "The Flash." Also, The Flash has heart, which I believe counts for a lot in the comic book universe. If Snart has a heart, it's buried deep.
Did you read the comics to understand Leonard more? 
I took a look at one or two comics but there's so much out there. The character's been around for decades. And then once I met Geoff Johns - one of the show writers and probably the authority on Captain Cold - I thought, I'm going to let Geoff and the powers-that-be tell me what I need to know about this character. My feeling is that they're going to respect the history but also give it a fresh spin. So I'm going to take my cues from the scripts.
He’ll eventually be teaming up with Heat Wave. What are they after?
They want what all villains want. To be top dog. In whatever arena they find themselves.
What was it like reuniting with Dominic? 
Like riding a bike. We hadn't seen each other for five years but it was like not a day had passed. I know his rhythms onscreen, he knows mine. And that helped with the characterizations. Captain Cold and Heat Wave are supposed to have history. Built-in chemistry. And that's not something Dom and I have to worry about bringing to the table.

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