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viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

LA- Post Office- 30/04/09



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Roro dijo...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (that's me screaming) OOOMMGGG he is sooooooo hottttt......looove the hair he is mr sexy

rabya dijo...

wentworth always hv same expression i know stalking irritates but he always seem sad n unhappy.
why is he so unhappy all the time?
intruding is not my intention it just seem odd

Roro dijo...

hey rabya i think that he is not sad he is just tired from all the work he is doin' but he looks sooo hot and the hair looks sexy......

emmy dijo...

...or he is out alone and (thank god) does not go around smiling and talking to himself. Think about it, do you guys walk around with a smile on your face all the time? Didnt think so!

rabya dijo...

no Emmy every sane person stay calm in public but our thoughts reflect on our face n body language maybe as Roro says might be tired with heavy work load
anyways i love curly or wavy hair but surprisingly shaved head makes him irresistible

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