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viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008



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Aylla dijo...

Dear Went,
You know I love you to bits, but this carefully planned and thoroughly thought over outfit is guarranteed to win you 'The Fashion Disaster of the Year' award. Please, make an effort next time you hit Starbucks, the place is crawling with papz.
Yours truly,

bleuciel dijo...

I don't think the word 'fashion' should be in any form placed in the same sentence as 'Wentworth Miller', no matter the intention.

Anónimo dijo...

He's just going to SB, he doesn't need to make an effort. ;p There isn't anything wrong with a gray hoodie and red shorts. lol

Aylla dijo...

@ Anonimo: Oh, yes, he does!!!!In this perfect VR world, he sure does. If he were my bf in RL- I could live with the momentary lost of fashion/common taste, but in my fantasy world (and that's where he dwells) it's unexcusable!

@ bleu- you're mean as hell! (Me likey :) :) :) )

rabya dijo...

why is he wearing such a odd combination
indeed he lost weight but he shd do some face exercise as his face is his best asset.

Anónimo dijo...

Ladies, if you ever decide to come visit this part of the world, you'll see that THIS look is normal :) I understand that is difficult for you to beleive but most Americans dress down and it's very accepted here in the U.S of A ;) get over it.. it is what it is :)))))))))))))))

put some pants on boy!

samira dijo...

# anonimo : I hope so that I could visit your state. Especially in Los Angeles lol !! :P

I don't care what he is wearing, for me he is cute like that !! And it's wentworth, the real wentworth = true to himself.

Petia dijo...

Hmmmm...what big eyes you have...better to scare you with? :D...Red-Gray Riding Hood...note: this is not mocking, as he's still the yummy himself no matter what face he does or clothes he wears ;)...cute little fella :)))

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